Benefits of Dental Bridges

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Sometimes, due to decay or injury, it becomes impossible to restore or preserve a tooth. In this case, the dentist will remove your tooth. Missing teeth can lead to several oral health issues. Fortunately, there are treatments like the dental bridges procedure to replace missing teeth.

It is a permanent fixture that replaces a missing tooth or teeth. Typically, the patient needs teeth on both or one side of the gap to support the false teeth of the bridge. However, there are dental bridges that are supported with dental implants. Traditionally, bridges are fixed but removable dental bridges are also an option.

This works as an alternative to partial dentures. The fixture is not only practical — restoring the function of your teeth and mouth — but aesthetic as well. In addition to four basic types of dental bridges available (fixed, resin-bonded, cantilever, and implant-supported bridge), these can be created in different materials. For example, alloys, gold, or porcelain.

Advantages of the Dental Bridges Procedure

Receiving the dental bridges procedure can do wonders for your oral health. Here are four benefits:

  • Missing teeth can significantly affect a person’s ability to speak. It can create problems in the proper enunciation of words. The treatment fills the gaps left behind so your mouth regains the function of speaking normally
  • When your tooth is gone, your mouth becomes vulnerable to bone loss. The jaw at the site of the missing tooth can start to lose bone, which can affect your facial structure. A dental bridge maintains the jaw bone by replacing the missing teeth
  • Having even a single tooth missing can make the action of eating unpleasant or difficult. With the dental bridge filling the gaps in your mouth, you will be able to chew your food just as you can with natural teeth
  • Another drawback of losing your teeth is that the remaining teeth will naturally begin moving out of position to fill the space. This can lead to problems with your bite and other complications such as large gaps between your teeth

Apart from these functional advantages, dental bridges restore a natural-looking smile so you do not have to worry about spaces showing in your mouth when you smile or laugh.

Dental Bridges in Toronto

Smiles by Design offers high-quality dental care in Toronto, including the dental bridges procedure. You can get affordable treatments at our practice under the supervision of expert dentists and trained staff. You will enjoy a comfortable and hygienic environment, along with convenient service from your treatment’s start to finish.

If you believe you are a good candidate for dental bridges, you are welcome to come in for an initial consultation. Our dentist will thoroughly evaluate your oral health and recommend the right dental plan for you.

For more information on our dental bridges in Toronto (types, materials, cost, risks, etc.) or booking your appointment, please call us or visit our dental office today.







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