Five myths about Dental Veneers busted

Maintaining physical health is difficult, but maintaining oral health is more difficult. Sometimes people fall into traps that are set by a bunch of inexperienced or simply misinformed people. These traps are commonly known as myths. So, when it comes to maintaining dental health, different people have different opinions. The same is the case for dental veneers. People have different misconceptions about this smile makeover treatment which was once a top-secret of Hollywood celebs. In this article, we will bust all the myths that people in Canada hold about dental veneers.

First of all, dental veneers are a thin tooth-like shell attached to the front of your teeth. They are mostly used for cosmetic purposes such as to improve the appearance of your teeth and enhance your smile.

Myth number 1: Dental veneer application will hurt you

Pain is the word that scares everyone (or most of the people). But, if you are not getting dental veneers because they can hurt you, you might be missing big time. Your dentist would give you a shot of local anesthesia to numb the area. So, yes! Dental veneers don’t hurt or cause any discomfort.

Myth number 2: Dental veneer looks fake

As medical science is making advancements, dental accessories are getting better and better. Dental veneers used to look a bit bright, and fake back then. But now, composite and porcelain veneers come in natural colors, and even more natural appearance. Most of the Hollywood celebrities whose smiles you adore are because of dental veneers. Could you notice any difference between a natural tooth and a prosthetic tooth? Most of the time you can’t even tell. So, they don’t look fake anymore! Also, you can get customized dental veneers with your choice of color and shape which is a plus point too.

Myth number 3: Dental veneers are suitable for front teeth only

Well, that’s not a myth, but half fact. It is commonly USED at the front part as they are visually appealing. However, you can also use them on the lower jaw as well.

Myth number 4: Dental veneers will make you lose your natural tooth

This is a very common misconception of most people that your tooth will be entirely filed before attaching the veneers. Well, not the entire tooth is filed while attaching the veneer, but the enamel.

Myth number 5: Dental veneers are just for aesthetic purpose

When your tooth gets broken or cracked, the impact is not only on the appearance but also damages your oral health. Therefore, a dental veneer, when attached to the tooth’s front, not only enhances the smile and also rebuilds the molar teeth.

We have busted these myths with the help of our professional dentist in Toronto. But, if you are still confused about veneers, you can connect with our dental veneers expert in Toronto. Our dentists would advise what’s best for you after a brief checkup. Contact now to get the best dental care in Toronto.







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