Full Mouth Reconstruction

With time, most of our body parts change, this process is called aging. Our teeth are also vulnerable, they do so much for us. They help immensely while biting, chewing, and play a significant role in digestion. Sometimes, your teeth are exposed to food that might harm them in an irreversible manner. Regular use of coffee or cigarettes literally takes a toll on your oral health. It might invite unwanted bacteria, or sometimes even stain your teeth badly. Dentists have come up with a treatment that can reverse the process of aging. It is known as full mouth reconstruction. This treatment is a solution for extreme cases. But it can surely erase your food mistakes and make you feel young.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction? 

  • It is the process of rebuilding your smile with the help of prosthetic (but natural-looking) teeth.
  • It is known as a problem solver of various different dental problems. It saves money, and time by reconstructing the whole mouth at once.
  • The areas which are generally fixed during this treatment are teeth, gums, jaw muscles, in short, the whole mouth.
  • It involves both surgical as well as non-surgical treatments.

When do you need a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

As we have already stated that it is a treatment for extreme cases. These cases could be:

  • When cavities take hold of one or more teeth.
  • Jaw fracture or injury.
  • Excessive grinding of teeth.
  • Weak muscles that cause jaw pain.

Describe Full Mouth Reconstruction treatment steps?

The process consists of the following treatments:

  1. Muscle restoration
  2. Jaw restoration
  3. Teeth restoration
  4. Bite restoration

It might consist of multiple reconstruction treatments. The teeth restoration treatment includes dental implants and bridges. You can also get these dental services in Toronto as a separate treatment.

Is Full Mouth Reconstruction different from smile makeover?

Yes, it is different. It is not purely cosmetic dentistry but also involves restorative dentistry. This process not only helps you get a youthful look but also improves your oral health. However, a smile makeover is a bonus treatment that you get along with the full mouth reconstruction.

Is Full Mouth Reconstruction pricey?

Yes, it is a pricey treatment. The most important part you should be able to understand here is that this treatment involves the whole mouth. Not just one tooth, or one area but all teeth, its muscles, and the jaw. It is surely a pricey treatment, however, it is worth the money. If you are on a tight budget, full mouth reconstruction is not for you. But if your teeth are already in a decent condition, your reconstruction might cost you some $1000-1500. However, if you are looking for a couple or not treatments, the cost might stretch from $25000 to $50000.

Your dentist can tell you the best. The best place to get a full mouth reconstruction is indeed Smiles By Design. Our dental treatments in Toronto are one of the most successful dental ventures. Contact our dentists now to get a consultation from the best ones.

Pros and cons of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Did someone suggest getting a full mouth reconstruction? Or is it what your dentist recommended to you? A full mouth reconstruction has its own share of pros and cons. The best we can do is to get ourselves informed.

Pros of Full Mouth Reconstruction:

This is not one treatment, but a set of treatments. So, let’s talk about the benefits of the treatment first.

Full mouth treatment

It is not limited to one part of the mouth. Rather, it will treat the whole mouth. From jaws to teeth to muscles, your every part will be treated. Imagine, one solution for various problems.

Customizable reconstruction

Now we are talking fancy. It is not something that is prepared in industries for the masses. It is genuinely about your personal well-being. Your dentist will customize the treatment by doing rounds of checkups. It could be any cosmetic or restorative treatment or both.

Confidence booster

Life sucks when you can’t even flaunt your smile. It takes away every opportunity to impress your next employer, friend, or even stranger. Some people suffer from low self-esteem because of stained or crooked teeth. With this treatment, you can get your confidence and smile back.


Cons of Full Mouth Reconstruction:

Every treatment comes with some benefits and side effects. However, it is not impossible to cope up with them. In the case of full mouth reconstruction, the cons are not severe but they are present.

Expensive treatment 

Despite being a FULL mouth RECONSTRUCTION, some people might consider it to be pricey. It Is pricey, but it is more of a fairly priced treatment. You are getting a dental implant, dental bridges, a set of fake teeth, some teeth cleaning, and a whole bunch of other dental treatments. It is worth the money!


Well, it is unfair to expect a full mouth reconstruction in two dental visits. It is a slow process that might require ample time. It could stretch to months or years. So, if you want a shiny bright smile, you have to have some patience. And TIME. Soon you will have the best teeth structure, perfect teeth, and better than ever oral health.

Better oral condition

This is more of a condition than a con. Dentists recommend having an already-good oral condition. If your oral health is in worse condition, you might require some preliminary treatments prior to the reconstruction treatment. However, your dentist can advise what’s best for you.


One can easily overcome these obstacles that stand in the way of getting a full mouth reconstruction. With some time and savings, you can get your confidence, smile, and most importantly excellent oral condition BACK. It is almost like reversing the process of aging. This is already an effective treatment, but imagine what would happen when you get yourself treated by the best dentists in Toronto. To get the best dental service in Toronto, call us now. You can also consult with our professional dentists in Toronto, and you will be informed by the best.







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