Preventive Dental Care

What is Preventive Dental Care and how it keeps all dental problems away?

Your mouth is home to several bacteria, which if not removed can cause severe infection. Dental care is essential to maintain good oral health. There is no harm in taking measures that save you from future miseries. Therefore, most people consider preventive dental care as an important part of their lives.


What is Preventive Dentistry?

Routine x-rays, keeping a regular check on your gums and teeth’s health, and daily flossing and brushing is known to be a part of preventive dentistry. It helps in the prevention of cavities, infections, and bacteria building on the gumline.


What are the practices of preventive dentistry?

If you are looking to get preventive dental care in Toronto, there are a variety of practices that are considered to be preventive dentistry here.


Dental exam

A dental exam is an effective treatment to keep a check on dental issues and to clean teeth. This exam is the first step to prevent any future infections. Annual checkups would be a part of your life.



This treatment is suitable for both kids and adults. Sealants consist of a thin coating on the top of the jaw to prevent future tooth decay. It is a protective shield to block bacteria and infections.



Dental x-rays are known as radiographs. This process will help to evaluate your dental health. It is an effective process to trace any cavities, or impacted teeth.


Fluoride treatment

A fluoride treatment is not your casual fluoride toothpaste. It is in a concentrated form that can be used with the help of a brush, or swab.


Flossing and brushing

Flossing and brushing is the best practice to avoid dental problems. Everyone should brush and floss their teeth at least TWICE a day.


What is the basic goal of preventive dentistry?

There are numerous benefits of preventive dentistry.

  • The most important part of this treatment is that it is suitable for all ages.
  • It keeps gum infections, tooth decay, all kinds of diseases, cavities, and sensitivity away from your mouth.
  • It can reverse the cavities if in case they get hold of your mouth.


Preventive vs basic dental care

Many people ask whether preventive or routine dental care is the same or not? The difference is minimal but immense at the same time.

Preventive dentistry consists of different treatments to keep dental problems away. To get this dental service in Toronto, you will have to visit your dentist. Whereas, basic dental care is brushing and flossing (also you can consider keeping yourself away from those gummy bears).


How much does basic preventive dental care cost? 

The price depends on various different factors i.e. the quality of dental care, the professionalism of your dentist, and other factors. However, the price of basic cleaning treatment can cause around $50 to $250. An x-ray would cost $20 to $300. Dental exams usually cost around $45 to $200. So, the total care could cost $500 to $1000. Consult with an excellent dentist in Toronto now!







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